Professional 3D Pen – OLED Display, PLA/ABS Support! 3D Printing Pen for Adults and Teens, 3D Printer for Kids. Includes Filament, Finger Stall, and Drawing Accessories

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  1. Versatile 3D Creativity: Explore limitless possibilities with a cutting-edge 3D pen designed for adults, offering precision and ease in your artistic endeavors.
  2. Kid-Friendly 3D Printing: Engage young minds with a 3D printer specifically crafted for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable creative experience.
  3. Advanced OLED Display: Elevate your 3D printing experience with a user-friendly OLED display, providing real-time information on filament type, temperature, and speed levels.
  4. Intelligent Design for Teens: Experience secure and intuitive 3D printing with intelligent sleep features, making it an ideal 3D pen for teens, balancing safety and innovation.
  5. Complete Kit for All Ages: Unbox a comprehensive package featuring the 3D pen, filament in vibrant colors, a convenient pen holder, and accessories. Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages, from adults to teens and kids.
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Embark on a creative journey with our GETORIUM Professional 3D Pen, a cutting-edge innovation in the realm of 3D printing. Tailored for adults, this 3D pen seamlessly combines precision and versatility, allowing you to bring your imagination to life in three dimensions. Crafted with safety and sophistication in mind, it’s not just a 3D printing pen for adults but also a user-friendly device suitable for teens.

Designed to ignite artistic flair, the pen features an advanced OLED display that provides real-time insights into filament type, temperature, and speed levels. It’s not just a 3D pen; it’s an intuitive tool that caters to the needs of creators at every level. For adults seeking a dynamic outlet for their creativity or teens exploring the world of 3D printing, this pen’s intelligent sleep feature ensures a secure and enjoyable experience.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our 3D pen is also a 3D printer for kids, introducing them to the wonders of technology in a safe and engaging manner. The comprehensive kit includes everything you need: from the 3D pen and filament in vibrant colors to a convenient pen holder and accessories. It’s more than a 3D pen for adults; it’s a gateway to limitless possibilities, a tool for teens to express themselves, and a safe 3D printer for kids to explore the world of creativity. Elevate your artistic endeavors with the GETORIUM Professional 3D Pen – where innovation meets imagination.


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